Best of the Second City-Private Event-UP

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Best of the Second City-Private Event-UP
Wednesday, May 14, 2014 9:10 PM
UP Comedy Club, Chicago, IL

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Private Event
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  • Door Time: 9:10 PM
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ShowBest of Second City- 50 minutes 
Theater: Up
Date: Wednesday, May 14th, 2014
Group- YPO

Guest Count- 70 people

6pm: Band Load-in
8:45-9pm: Guests arrive
9:00-9:10: Welcome and skit (five of their new members will be taking an improv class that day and will play one improv game for the crowd)
9:10-10pm- Show
10pm- 10:10pm- Band will set up (See Notes Below)
10:10-12am- Band Plays

Notes: Jim Belushi will be attending the event.  He will arrive before 9pm and will be there for photo ops and to meet and greet with members.  Belushi will also sing with the band- Rob Stone and the C Notes. 
Band Notes:
Four piece band
They have three guitar amps and two vocal mics and a drum kit
They will run their vocal mics through the House PA
Rob's band will set up on their own except for the drums; they would like to put together their drum kit and keep back stage they would also like at least one or two people help carry the different pieces on stage (maybe a host or two- or Rebecca?)
Rob would like to come in the afternoon to view the space and to do a quick mic check

Food: They are coming directly from dinner- no food at this point.

Bar: Host bar for all or portion of evening (terms TBD)

Special Requests: (See band notes above)