Second City Scriptless-Private Event-UP (Special Event)

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Second City Scriptless-Private Event-UP
Tuesday, April 08, 2014 8:00 PM
UP Comedy Club, Chicago, IL
  • Special Event

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Private Event
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  • Door Time: 6:30 PM
  • Show Type: Comedy
  • Tags: Theater
  • Restrictions: Special Event
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ShowSecond City Scriptless
Theater: Up
Date: Tuesday, April 8th, 2014
Group- EcoMyths Alliance
Guest Count- 200-250
Additional Group Info:  EcoMyths is hosting a fundraiser for their organization.,  They are already working with BizCo who is creating videos for them. They plan on screening these videos (or showing GIFs if the videos are not complete) before the show.

7:40-8:00- Preview of EcoMyths videos or just quick announcement welcome (depends on if videos are complete or not)
8:00-9:00-pm- Show
9:00-9:15- Dutch Auction 
9:15-9:45- Guests Exit

Times may alter a bit as more details are made known.

Food: They are looking to get catering donated- we will waive the outside catering fee.  They understand the caterer needs to have a walk-through with Andrea to get final approval.

Bar: They are looking to get alcohol donated from our distributers

Special Requests: 
Microphone for Dutch Auction,  
Music throughout event (not during show, but before/after).  
Chair removal for easier socializing (seating map approved by Andrea- will pay additional fee).    
Potential use of Up screens for Video screenings
Organization Logo and welcome on screens outside theater.

-Monica-  We will need to cancel the Incomplete Guide show that evening

Joe- Please secure a cast

BoxCo-  Please build a private SC Scriptless- 285 tickets, $21.50/ticket

Joe- would you please secure a cast for this date? 

Rebecca- Please put the group information into Smartsheet.   I have already introduced you via email

Andrea- We will keep you in the loop and will schedule a walkthrough once their caterer is determined.

Mike/Holly - please put on your radar. It will be in  the Smartsheet shortly.

 Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns regarding this performance.